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Letters and digital. How technologies change the life of school children

Letters and digital. How technologies change the life of school children

Moscow is now among metropolises that are yet no leaders in digital technologies application but are rapidly expanding their presence at school

  • September 07, 2018
  • min read
Letters and digital. How technologies change the life of school children

Education remains one of the few spheres that has changed little over the past century. And globalization has almost left school education untouched, as the world has no uniform generally accepted successful system. High results are delivered by completely different approaches. For example, in Shanghai, school children study 9 hours in class, and spend 14 hours a week doing their homework, each class has 35-40 students, and they have to take two most difficult examinations when they finish school, which to a great degree determine their destiny in the future; the rooms are traditional, and most schools have a ban on mobile telephones. In Helsinki, they study 5 hours in class, spend 3 hours a week doing homework, classes only have 20 students, there is only one examination, and its results have a limited weight in terms of entering universities; they often use open space environments instead of traditional desks, and digital technologies and other innovations are applied a lot.

However, according to our research, these very different educational systems of the two metropolises demonstrate results that are among the best in the world. Bain team analyzed the efficiency of educational systems at 20 metropolises on the world along 22 indicators and 3 key dimensions: level of school children’s knowledge in the city, use of modern digital technologies at school, and opportunities to develop individual talents / additional education.

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