Economic Development

Economic Development

Economic Development

Bain’s economic development work leverages the power of markets and business enterprise models to create jobs, fuel income growth and improve the quality of life for the world’s poor. Bain supports nonprofits and entrepreneurs who seek to bring growth to the communities they serve in effective and sustainable ways. Our rigorous analysis and broad experience help our clients focus their strategies, grow their donor bases and drive system-level change.

What We Do

What We Do

Our economic development work focuses on five sub-sectors:

  1. Entrepreneurship

    We partner with Endeavor to support high-impact entrepreneurs and catalyze vibrant, self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

  2. "Social-first" impact investing

    Impact investors who scale innovative enterprises that deliver affordable, high-quality, critical services—such as clean energy, healthcare, education and financial services—to the poor.

  3. Agriculture and livelihood

    Organizations that enhance the livelihood of smallholder farmers by strengthening their capacity and integrating them into agricultural supply chains.

  4. Workforce integration

    Organizations that support the development and integration of marginalized groups—such as refugees and disadvantaged youth—into the economy.

  5. Sustainable development

    Innovative environmental nonprofits who work to preserve our world’s natural resources.

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