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A Resilient Strategy for Uncertain Times

Hg’s Matthew Brockman explains how sector specialization can deliver stable returns, even through unsettling times.


A Resilient Strategy for Uncertain Times

Matthew Brockman is managing partner and chair of the investment committee at Hg, one of the largest software investors in Europe, and he’s remarkably unperturbed by the storm of macro risks descending on the region.

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“We’ve had the 2008 financial crisis, we’ve had Covid, and my portfolio grew through that entire period,” Matthew tells me on the most recent episode of Dry Powder.

In fact, if you ask Matthew what he’s done lately to protect his portfolio, he’ll tell you it’s strikingly similar to what Hg has done for the past two decades.

“We’re on the slightly boring end, dare I say it, of software and technology. It’s boring on the growth side and the upside, it’s predictable,” he says, “but it’s also nice and stable and boring on the downside.”

Today on the show, I ask Matthew how sector specialization can provide investors with some much-needed ballast during uncertain times and the curiously stable returns that can come with deep market expertise.


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