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An Enduring Strategy for Just About Any Time

Hg’s Matthew Brockman describes the technological trends that could reshape the workplace for decades to come.


An Enduring Strategy for Just About Any Time

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Matthew Brockman, managing partner and chair of the investment committee at Hg, explained how sector specialization has helped his team prepare for volatile times.

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Today on the show, we look up from the current storm of macro risks and consider what’s on the horizon, including technological trends that could transform the workplace for decades to come. Even trends that appear to be old news are in fact only in the early stages of adoption, according to Matthew.

“We’re still implementing SaaS,” he says. “It’s remarkable to think how long that takes, how much longevity there is in those adoption curves for these kinds of product sets. It’s a remarkable trend, actually.”

That’s just one of several remarkably long adoption curves that we discuss in part two of our interview series with one of Europe’s leading tech investors.


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