Beyond the Megawatt: Optimizing Impact of Clean Energy Procurement

Clean energy is more than a trend: forecasted to represent 82% of US utility-scale capacity by 2023 by the US Energy Information Administration, it’s here to stay.

At the forefront are corporate energy customers and their procurement partners, critical stakeholders in this evolution, who have voluntarily procured over 68 gigawatts of new clean energy capacity in the US since 2014.  New, legislation-driven incentives such as the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act have created even more urgency to accelerate the clean energy transition.

However, this transformation is not just about quantity, it’s about quality. Leading corporate energy customers, as well as developers, have a chance to accelerate market conditions to catalyze projects that broadly support climate, conservation, and community values while delivering resilient new clean energy projects.

Corporate energy customers are uniquely positioned to integrate environmental and social benefit considerations into their clean energy procurement to help meet sustainability goals, enhance brand value, and mitigate risk.

More than 60% of US corporate energy customers and developers believe this new approach will become the norm within five years.

This research study by Bain & Company, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI) examines what is required to accelerate this shift without repeating past energy transition mistakes. Discover key insights into the future of clean energy and learn about four action steps for clean energy stakeholders.


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