Bernhard Marschitz




전문 분야

  • Experience working across North America and EMEA
  • Leads sustainability efforts in the Atlanta office

Bernhard Marschitz is a member of our Private Equity Group and Financial Services practice.

His case portfolio includes diligence's for both private equity funds and corporate's focused on fintech, software, and business services deals.

He also works with many leading fintech companies in North America and Europe, primarily focusing on growth strategies, customer experience and mergers & acquisitions.

In addition to his role at Bain, he is heavily involved in recruiting, covering internationals, MBA, advanced degree and industry hires. 

In his personal time, Bernhard is a passionate dad of 3 boys and is an avid skier and sailor. He is also deeply involved with impact investors and non-profits in the Southeast focusing on sustainability and conservation.

Prior to joining Bain, he gained work experience in banking in Europe and in government work.

Bernhard earned his Master's Degree in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS and his MBA from the Tuck School of Business and was recognized as a Tuck Scholar with high distinction.

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