Sophie Tinz




Sophie is a member of our Healthcare & Life Sciences practice as well as our Private Equity Ringfence.

She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both from consulting and various commercial roles. Much of her work has focused on the US, EU5 markets, the Nordics and Japan.

Sophie primarily advises clients in the private equity due diligence process as well as on firm strategy topics. She is an expert in oncology and performance analytics, as well as mergers, integrations and co-promoted products. She has personally been part of post-merger integrations, played an active role in clinical trial selection processes and ensured performance optimization.

Prior to joining Bain, Sophie gained experience at Merck / MSD as well as another global strategy consulting firm.

In addition to her client work, she is an active member of Womxn at Bain as well as the professional women network GenerationCEO. She is also the University of Zurich Recruiting Captain.

Sophie holds a master's in economics with honors from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and has gained additional Executive Education Degrees from Cornell University and Duke University.

During her free time, she enjoys hiking the Swiss and Italian mountains as well as cooking for groups of friends and family.

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