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Breaking the Tablets with TPG’s Jim Coulter

A pioneering investor talks to us about challenging the industry’s conventions.


Breaking the Tablets with TPG’s Jim Coulter

My guest on today’s episode of Dry Powder is Jim Coulter, the founding partner and executive chairman of TPG. Jim is also one of those rare investors who has been shaping the private equity industry since its inception. Take a look back at the industry’s seminal moments, and you’ll often see Jim there, breaking new ground—or, as he puts it, “breaking the tablets.”

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“All of the industry conventions at the time we entered it are absolutely passé today, and that has continued over the years,” Jim says. “Essentially, whatever the tablets are, there are moments you have to break them and innovate.”

We’re especially fortunate to have Jim on the show right now, in this time of uncertainty, when deal activity is down and growth has stalled. Jim argues that moments like this are precisely when the industry reinvents itself.

Today on the show, Jim shares how he’s questioned some of the industry’s most deeply rooted conventions—and which of today’s rules are ripe to be broken.


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