Customer Feedback Management

Customer feedback management consists of a suite of tools, such as survey delivery and management platforms, that help companies measure and monitor customer feedback.  

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Customer Experience Tools and Trends

Our insights share how the right CX tools make customers’ lives richer and more fulfilling and strengthen a company’s economics by holding down costs and securing new revenue streams.

These tools enable a business to achieve its customer growth, loyalty and retention goals by providing a means to collect and share customer data that informs customer strategy. Based on the data, a company can diagnose the root causes of defection among groups of customers and develop ways to turn them into advocates.


How companies use customer feedback management

  • Focus on key customers. Build lasting relationships with customers who contribute the most to profitability, and capture a larger share of their business.
  • Establish high-velocity learning loops. Adapt products and the customer experience based on feedback. Tools help feedback to reach the product teams and the front line instantaneously with clear guidance.
  • Increase revenue. Improved customer experience leads to more promoters, who recommend the company to others.
  • Know customers better. Listening to the voice of the customer, and capturing critical customer data such as demographics and preferences, feeds segmentation tools and informs more targeted promotions and experience. 

Key considerations

  • Define clear objectives. One can easily get overwhelmed by the diversity of customer feedback unless the objectives are well-defined in advance.
  • Segment feedback. It is essential to segment streams of feedback based on their source. A longtime customer might have different intentions than a prospect visiting the website after a promotional campaign on social networks.
  • Integrate the tool. Integration with other web analytic tools and customer relationship management forms a comprehensive picture of the customer experience through digital channels.

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