Davos 2017: The New Silk Road

Bain's Gerry Mattios looks at the effort to restore old trade routes from Asia to Europe.


Davos 2017: The New Silk Road

Gerry Mattios, an Expert Vice President with Bain's Performance Improvement practice, discusses a new report by Bain, in collaboration with The World Economic Forum, about the effort to restore old trade routes and streamline the transport of goods from Asia to Europe. 

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GERRY MATTIOS: We're very excited to have launched a short, yet very important, report on the New Silk Road. The New Silk Road sits in the center of the new China policy, particularly on trade and the globalization effort that China is making. Our report suggests that by investing in the China Silk Road, and also investing in digital infrastructure over the coming years, you could have a positive effect on GDP growth up to 4% or even 7% across the countries that are affected by the New Silk Road. We're very excited to be publishing that and to also be supporting this very important initiative for China.

This year is particularly relevant for Davos. Xi Jinping came here yesterday and gave a very important speech. And effectively, he doubled down on his message on globalization and how important it is, but also on how it's almost an unstoppable development, and how digital is a big enabler of that. So our report comes at a very good time to enable this conversation on the impact that trade can have across borders.


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