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Exit Strategies with Thoma Bravo’s Holden Spaht

Thoma Bravo’s leading enterprise software investor explains how the firm continues to find exit opportunities and source new deals.


Exit Strategies with Thoma Bravo’s Holden Spaht

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Holden Spaht, a managing partner at Thoma Bravo, told us why he remains so bullish on the tech sector. On today’s episode, we turn our attention to exit strategies. I ask Holden how his team has been navigating the bid-ask spread problem and finding opportunities to exit.

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“Last year, including some stock that we took back in Nasdaq, we returned $13 billion to our investors,” Holden says. “It was more than double what we invested.”

We also discuss where Thoma Bravo is looking for new deals and why Holden no longer sees tech as a sector of the economy. In his view, it’s a superior play across the economy.


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