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How ESG Could Reshape the Real Economy

A raft of new public policies will not only reshape portfolio strategies, they could also transform the way private equity houses run and grow their businesses.


How ESG Could Reshape the Real Economy

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Bain Partner Debra McCoy, global lead for Capital Markets, Sustainability, and ESG, explained how the debate around ESG (or environmental, social, and corporate governance) has moved from a focal point to a flash point among the investor community. Underlying it all, of course, is a raft of new public policies that investors have only begun to unpack.

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“Public policies related to sustainability around the world have been advancing,” Debra explains in part two of our ESG series, “and they're increasingly specific in what they ask.”

Today on the show, Debra will explain what, specifically, public policymakers are asking of investors. We’ll also discuss how private equity investors are uniquely positioned to spring into action.

“One of the things that makes private equity quite special is it's linked to what's happening in the real world, [to] real economic activity” Debra says, “and so the real discussion, I think, that will help get us out of this debate is moving into the real economy question. Just how fast and in what ways will businesses transition?”


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