Southeast Asia's Green Economy: A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Bain’s Global Sustainability Innovation Center launches in Singapore to support organizations in accelerating economic growth while making the planet a better place.


Southeast Asia's Green Economy: A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Sustainability is both the most critical challenge and a major opportunity for businesses and economies in the decades ahead. It will take an integrated ecosystem to meet the sustainability challenge our world faces and to build a better future. In the global transition to a green economy, Southeast Asia is not a leader yet, but it can be given its considerable untapped potential, with an estimated $1 trillion in annual economic opportunities by 2030. Bain’s Global Sustainability Innovation Center, based in Singapore, aims to bring businesses onto the shortest path to sustainability impact by defining problems and uncovering solutions, accelerating sustainability journeys and tackling collective challenges.

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Meeting the region’s sustainability challenges offers potential for a trillion-dollar annual economic opportunity by 2030.

Webinar Recording

Southeast Asia’s Green Economy Potential

Bain's Gerry Mattios and Dale Hardcastle join Josh Henretig of Higg Co to discuss Southeast Asia's opportunity to lead the way to a greener 2030.


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