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Tech Due Diligence: From Bits and Bytes to Dollars and Cents

Translate technical jargon into actionable recommendations.


Tech Due Diligence: From Bits and Bytes to Dollars and Cents


Previously on Dry Powder, Asit Goel and Hank Chen, two of Bain's leading experts on technology due diligence, explained what a robust approach to tech due diligence actually looks like.

Tech due diligence isn’t just a set of tick boxes that our clients can run through in order to get the investment committee to say, “Yes.” It’s really an integral way to think about how technology can create value in a business.

One of the critical factors for success is translating that technical jargon into action. It's not sufficient to talk about bits and bytes. It should lead to a conversation about dollars and cents.

“Part of our secret sauce is really putting on the investor lens,” says Hank Chen.

On today’s episode, Hank and Asit will show us how they translate technical insights into clear expectations for investors and actionable recommendations for the operations team.


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