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The Key to Persistent Performance with TPG’s Jim Coulter

In part two of our interview, we explore the principles and strategies that enable top-performing GPs to deliver persistent returns.


The Key to Persistent Performance with TPG’s Jim Coulter

Previously on Dry Powder, Jim Coulter,  the founding partner and executive chairman of TPG, walked us through 35 years of disruption in the private equity industry.

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Today on the show, we’ll take a closer look at the resilience of the industry’s leading investors. I ask Jim about the remarkable staying power of the top-performing general partners and the volatility beneath the surface of the industry’s history. We also consider whether traditional measures of performance, such as quartiling, are still working—or if the industry should develop new benchmarks for success.

Finally, we explore the evolving GP toolkit and which tools will be indispensable in the years to come.


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