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Where to Invest with Web3

Private equity firms are racing to build out their web3 capabilities, from deal sourcing to diligence to bleeding-edge tokenized funds.


Where to Invest with Web3

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Thomas Olsen, the global coleader of Bain’s web3 and metaverse work, described how investors are funding a massive build-out of web3 infrastructure.

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Today on the show, Thomas and I discuss how a private equity firm can race up the learning curve and develop its area of expertise.

“The first thing is you need to define your posture on the topic,” Thomas says. “Too many times, the posture is … they don’t have a posture, or it’s unclear and you haven’t thought about it.”

We discuss how leading firms are building out dedicated web3 teams and developing a capacity for deal sourcing and diligence. And we explore how private equity firms are using tokenization to reach a whole new class of investors.


The Private Equity Podcast

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