Andrew Noble



Head of our Americas Agile Innovation practice.


Andy Noble is the leader of our Agile Innovation practice for the Americas and is also a member of our Retail and Digital practices.

He has almost 20 years of management consulting experience.

Andy focuses on helping B2C companies grow through innovation and transforming into more modern, omnichannel, Agile organizations by building the capabilities to grow their digital business and transform to more Agile ways of working. Based on this, Andy has co-authored multiple articles on Agile transformation, including the May 2018 article "Agile at Scale" published in the Harvard Business Review.

Andrew's other areas of expertise include:

- Restaurants, where he has deep experience driving growth in restaurant brands through better marketing and media optimization, menu innovation, operations, unit growth strategy and digital customer experience
- Digital customer experience and marketing

Earlier in his career at Bain, he advised private equity clients on due diligence and served clients in the consumer products, healthcare and sports sectors. 

Prior to joining Bain in 2005, Andrew worked as a manager for another consulting firm, where he focused on helping his clients develop stronger technology and operational capabilities.

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