Federico Poncemi



Leading our clients transformations towards highest shareholders' and communities' value


전문 분야

  • 10+ years of firm experience across EMEA and APAC.
  • Specialist of Banking, Digital Innovation and Asset Management (primarily Credit and Real Estate)..
  • Leading our Milan recruiting efforts.

Federico Poncemi is a member of our Financial Services practice.

He has worked with many of the top banks of Italy and the Mediterranean, and supported the excellence of asset managers, especially those active in the credit management and real estate space.

Federico's work primarily surrounds corporate and business unit strategy, coupled with research for excellence in innovation, Digital adoption and eventually industry-leading Customer Experience. His case portfolio includes various full potential transformations for both large corporate and private equity-owned companies.

Beyond his client work, he is a leader of our Bain Vector℠ effort and a member of our Milan office recruiting group.

Before joining us, he was in the Finance department of L'Oréal and graduated from the Politecnico di Milano.

In his personal time, Federico is fond of good food, good friends and good football (not necessarily in that order!).

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