Ilya Yamshchikov




전문 분야

  • More than 8+ years of experience at Bain & Company, across Europe, US and the Middle East
  • Leader of the Bain Middle East Staffing revamp initiative

Ilya Yamshchikov is a member of our  Airlines, Logistics and Transportation practices.

During his time at Bain, he has worked on multiple projects in transportation, telecom, retail, private equity, energy, diamonds and other industries with primary focus on corporate and digital strategies, business transformation, commercial due diligence, customer experience, operational efficiency, operating model and organization structure redesign.

Examples of projects he has worked on include, working on the development of a digital strategy for an airline, full organizational transformation for a major telecom company and the implementation of a customer experience improvement program for an airline which had a focus on the online / digital customer experience.

Ilya is a strong professional with several years in top-tier strategy consulting across three continents. Prior to joining Bain, he was a project manager in the operational efficiency department at Rostelecom and also worked a business development role at a startup targeting the US market.

Ilya holds two master degrees; in Corporate Finance from the Higher School of Economics and in Applied Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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