Jed Fallis

파트너, Toronto


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Jed Fallis is a partner in Bain & Company's Toronto office. He is an expert in Bain's Financial Services and Strategy practices.

He has more than 15 years of consulting experience with Bain, advising clients on their biggest opportunities and challenges.

Jed focuses primarily in financial services, with additional expertise in industries such as transportation, industrials, financial services and private equity. He works with clients to address topics including corporate and business unit strategy, detailed design and implementation of strategic growth plans, operation full potential, supply chain management and mergers and acquisitions.   

Jed joined Bain in 2003 and has spent extended time in the firm's London, Chicago and Toronto offices. 

Prior to joining Bain, he worked at Merrill Lynch as a research analyst covering the banking sector.

Jed obtained a Bachelor in Economics & Mathematics from Queen's university and an MSc in Global market Economics from London School of Economics.

Bain Partner Jed Fallis shares three steps that large insurers can take to reduce complexity and drive long-term profitable growth.

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