João Soares


South Africa


João Soares is a senior member of the firm's Financial Services practice and, within the financial services sphere, leads Bain's EMEA banking transformation sector and is a point person for private equity funds in EMEA investing.

He has also worked extensively in the TelecommunicationsTechnology and Government, Non-Profit and Public sectors.

João has more than 20 years of advisory experience, with a focus on banking and financial services in Europe, with additional working experience across Australia and the US. He has advised clients on corporate and business unit strategies, organization and change management issues.

João has particularly deep expertise in, and is a thought leader on, European banks. He has been extensively published on the topic and has also been regularly quoted in leading global and local business newspapers.

He is the global head of BGLAD and a member of Bain’s global governance Board, the CPC. 

João joined Bain as a manager in Madrid in 2004 and also worked out of the firm's Sydney office between 2007 and 2008. 

Prior to joining Bain, he was a principal and a project leader at two other global consultancies and an executive at Portugal’s CMVM (Securities and Exchange Commission).

João earned an MBA with honors from INSEAD and received a diploma with honors in business administration from the Technical University in Lisbon – ISEG.

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