Khaled Zikry



>10-year Bain consultant with a track record of leading transformations and large-scale programs in Financial Services clients.


전문 분야

  • 10+ years' of firm experience across North American and the Middle East
  • Head of our Egypt recruiting efforts

Khaled Zikry is a member of our Financial Services practice.

He has worked with many of the top FS players in the MENA region, across banking, non-banking financial services, and payments. His work primarily surrounds Mergers and Acquisitions, starting from Due-Diligence phase passing through merger integrations and ending with post-acquisition value creation programs. His case portfolio includes several of the largest banking mergers in the region in the past decade.

Beyond his client work, he leads our recruiting efforts in Egypt. He is also an Associate Partner peer group leader and is a mentor and advisor to several consultants and managers in the firm.

Before joining us, he graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering from the American University in Cairo.

In his personal time, Khaled is a passionate reader and spends a lot of his time growing and refining his personal library of 1,000+ books.

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