Laurens-Jan Olsthoorn

파트너, Amsterdam

Technology expert with extensive experience in M&A, growth, and customer strategy.


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  • Head of B2B Customer Strategy in EMEA
  • 15 years of consulting experience
  • Client portfolio spanning Europe, South East Asia and North America

Laurens-Jan Olsthoorn is a partner in our Technology and Cloud Services, Communications and Media, and Customer practices, based in Amsterdam.

He has nearly 15 years of industry and consulting experience throughout Europe and the United States and two years of experience working with enterprise network providers.

Laurens-Jan has developed differentiated expertise in business-to-business, NPS®, tech services, and customer strategy and marketing, as well as built strong relationships with enduring clients. He has additional experience in private equity and due diligence.

His core work includes the global customer experience transformation for a global network equipment player, achieving 55-65% NPS® — our firm's largest of its kind.

In addition to his client work, Laurens-Jan is an active member of our recruiting teams in both EMEA and Americas, an initiator of multiple local office connectedness initiatives, and involved in global training programs.

Prior to joining our team in Amsterdam, he spent several years in our San Francisco office as part of the Bay Area leadership team.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master's in Economics and Law from Erasmus University.

A proud husband and father of one, Laurens-Jan enjoys photography in his spare time.

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