Mads Balsig



Expert in decarbonization


전문 분야

  • Global practice area manager for Carbon & Energy Transition
  • Co-lead and developer of Net Zero Navigator
  • Leader and founder of Nordic BEST

Mads Balsig is a member of our Sustainability & Responsibility practice, exclusively focusing on helping companies accelerate and monetize their decarbonization journeys.

He has worked with several leading clients across industrial and energy companies on decarbonizing their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. In particular, his focus is on helping companies set a clear and costed plan to reduce supply-chain emissions.

In addition, Mads has been a strong force and founding member in building the carbon practice globally including key products and tools such as Net Zero Navigator, Carbon Benchmarking Tool and Supply-chain decarbonization.

Beyond his work, he is a leader (and founder) of the Nordics BEST efforts helping our staff explore and improve their soft skills on finding job purpose, focusing energy, engendering happiness and managing stress.

He holds an MSc. from the Columbia University in Management Science and Engineering and a BSc. in Business Engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with longer exchanges at Stanford University and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

In his personal time, Mads spends the time travelling the world to encounter new cultures and learnings together with his wife and young daughters.

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