Marcia Blenko

어드바이저 파트너, Boston


Marcia Blenko is an advisory partner at Bain & Company. She is currently based in Boston, but spent 13 of her 26 years at Bain advising clients in the firm's London office.

Marcia cofounded and led Bain's Global Organization practice for a number of years. She has extensive experience collaborating with clients to optimize organizational design, improve decision and execution capabilities and lead successful implementation of organizational change.

She has authored a number of articles on organization, decision effectiveness and leadership that have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update and the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda. She also coauthored the book Decide & Deliver: Five Steps to Breakthrough Performance in your Organization.

Prior to joining Bain in 1988, Marcia worked for Goldman Sachs in both New York and London. She earned her MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business, where she was an Arjay Miller Scholar. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University with a BS in Applied Mathematics/Economics.

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