Mathieu Audet

Director, New Ventures,



전문 분야


  • Leads New Ventures’ strategic projects and operations
  • Former Bain Senior Manager, leading case teams to serve corporate clients
  • 8 years of experience in professional services, including investment banking

Mathieu is a leader in the Strategy and Operations of Bain & Company's New Ventures (Engine 2 Ventures), home to Bain’s most innovative SaaS and data businesses. He has been involved in strategic projects, such as the assessment of VC opportunities, and the development of new businesses.

Before joining New Ventures at the end of 2022, Mat was a senior manager, working closely with corporate and social sector clients across North America. In that role, his work focused on Performance Improvement and Strategy in Energy & Natural Resources, particularly Mining, and Financial Services.

Before joining Bain in 2018, Mat worked as an investment banker at National Bank of Canada and as an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mat earned a BCom from the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management, where he graduated with Honors.

In his personal time, Mat is a fulfilled father of two children and enjoys kitesurfing, tasting experiences, and travelling.

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