Mathilde Haemmerlé

파트너, Paris


Mathilde Haemmerlé is a partner based in Bain & Company’s Paris office. She is an expert in Customer Strategy & Marketing and a member of Bain’s Telecommunications, Media & Technology and Retail practices.

Mathilde is specialized in business transformation and growth strategy. Throughout her tenure at Bain, she has supported major international telecom and retail clients in their development and transformation, both in developed markets (including Western Europe and Australia) and emerging ones (such as North Africa and Eurasia).

Mathilde has in-depth expertise in customer strategy and marketing, with focus areas including customer experience, competitive differentiation and commercial and channel strategy. She is also deeply versed in consolidation moves between telecom operators, encompassing M&A, network sharing and asset monetization.

Mathilde has also led assignments across a range of additional industries, including Consumer Products and Private Equity.

Aside from her client engagements, she is highly involved in Bain's talent development initiatives, most notably leading the firm's professional development of our manager group.

A graduate of HEC, Mathilde joined the Bain Paris office in 2003 and subsequently spent part of her career in the Sydney office.

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