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Leading companies understand that cloud technology can enable organizational growth, responsiveness, and innovation. And yet, of the 93% of companies modernizing their technology today, only 6% are on track to achieve most or all of their goals.

Our partnership with SAP SE, the market leader in ERP software and member of the Bain Alliance Ecosystem, can help bridge that gap. By combining our C-suite-level advisory and strategic implementation support with SAP’s expertise in software and cloud solutions, we help executives increase the effectiveness and value of their enterprise technology investments. 

Working together, we've developed a three-pillar strategic approach to maximize the impact of cloud-enabled ERP transformations: We help clients create a strategic technology vision; future-proof their technology infrastructure; and orchestrate adoption across the organization. As a result, companies can enhance performance in key business areas, including supply chain, finance, planning, and procurement.

Critically, we understand how corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by technology. By augmenting each other’s capabilities, our partnership enables clients to achieve their full potential faster—creating a force multiplier that accelerates transformation and ensures success. 

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