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Case study

Resetting Shared Services to Save $75 Million

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At a Glance

  • 15-20% increase of automation across unit
  • ~50% reduction of in-scope operating costs

The Full Story

As a global consumer packaged goods company embarked on a journey to transform its business services organization, we helped them design and implement a new operating model that integrated corporate functions and new service deliveries. The result was a new shared services organization that improved service levels, embraced new digital capabilities and became a more efficient growth engine for CPGCo*.

We guided CPGCo through an accelerated but meticulous RFP and selection process for a managed services provider (MSP). This involved evaluating the business case for all of the complex organizational redesign required to integrate a new MSP. We then helped CPGCo implement its new shared services blueprint, which transformed support function services (e.g., HR, finance, data).

We supported the company through a yearlong transition of services to onshore and offshore locations, with programs sequenced to accelerate value delivery. This effort included a compelling change management communications plan that kept attrition low.

Together these innovations revolutionized CPGCo’s way of doing business, reduced in-scope operating costs by nearly half and created an organization and operating model that are more flexible, modern and efficient. The new operating model significantly lowers annual labor costs, automating 15% to 20% of the unit’s activity.

As this consumer products company continues to implement our recommendations, our work will help CPGCo increase internal Net Promoter® scores and save nearly $75 million while embracing new digital capabilities and improving service quality for both internal and external customers.

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