Global Fellows

Global Fellows

We welcome first-year consultants to expand their reach by spending one immersive week in Johannesburg or South America during your first year at Bain, followed by a 4-6 month short-term transfer to that region the following year. During your transfer, you’ll work on a local case team and fully experience that region and culture.

Double your Bain experience

This is a unique opportunity to establish a home base abroad. While staffed there, you’ll get to explore a variety of work that may include nonprofit client work, private equity work, social entrepreneurship initiatives, and local pro bono work. If you’ve ever desired to live in one of these two regions, this is your opportunity to try it while accelerating—not pausing—your career. 

Leave a lasting impact in a new region

Eligibility & Timeline

This program is for first-year Bain consultants

This program is for incoming first-year consultants who’ve accepted their full-time offer at Bain. We’re looking for people who have a compelling reason to work in that region beyond this program, whether short-term or long-term. Beyond that, it’s open to all backgrounds and specialties—all degrees, majors, and offices.

Apply before your first year

Global Fellows is among our most competitive programs. You’ll get an email about the process for each region ahead of your first year, with instructions on how to apply and any sessions to attend.

As part of the application, you’ll write a short interest statement, be invited to a virtual interview about your experience, and if accepted, receive your Global Fellows offer.

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