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Product Development

Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained, profitable growth. We can help you strengthen your innovation muscle and achieve a step-change in product development effectiveness, engineering efficiency and R&D excellence. 

Product Development

Your growth depends on the new products and services you bring to market. To do that effectively you need a well-managed innovation portfolio, the right R&D operating model, a systemic way to reduce costs and complexity, savvy risk management, and more.

Our integrated approach to innovation and product development helps companies in many industries—including advanced manufacturing, energy and natural resources, consumer products, technology, and others—solve these and the many related challenges associated with developing innovative new products. 

We can help you address four key priorities:

  1. What to Develop

    Build the innovation muscles you need for efficient product development based on informed decisions about your research portfolio, product roadmaps, sourcing options, and other key elements of engineering and product/platform strategy.

  2. How to Develop

    Transform your R&D function into a competitive weapon with optimized cycle times and lower costs. We can help you create a repeatable, fast and efficient product development model, determine the essential capabilities and talent resources you need, and identify and embed the right tools to accelerate your progress.

  3. Product Efficiency

    Adopt a more efficient approach to product design, one that meets customers’ expectations, lowers costs, reduces complexity, and satisfies your sustainability goals. Gain a clear view of product components and systems, prioritized by criticality.

  4. Large Program Execution

    High-priority programs that span multiple years can massively impact your competitiveness, becoming “too big to fail.” We can help you build the right foundation to manage large-scale projects, to avoid the delays and cost overruns that can severely hurt profitability over the product lifecycle.

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What to Expect

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Our Product Development Impact

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