Akshay Ravi

Associate Partner,


Healthcare Provider Expert - 12 years of experience across 100+ engagements on strategy, performance improvement and commercial diligence

Biografie Akshay

Akshay Ravi is a member of our Healthcare & Life Sciences practice.

He has worked with many of the top-20 healthcare provider (hospitals, single specialty chains, lab diagnostic and other ancillary services) companies in India as well as leading private equity groups across the globe. His work primarily revolves around corporate and business unit strategy, performance improvement, clinical transformation and commercial diligence.

Akshay has deep understanding and experience across 50+ micromarkets in India as well as a few Asian and African markets.

Before joining us, he was an Associate Principal and Co-founder at one of the leading niche healthcare consulting firms in India, which got acquired by Bain in late 2021.

In his personal time, Akshay spends deep time with his family (wife, young daughter and parents), his spiritual endeavours and hobbies around cooking and singing.

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