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NextGen Software Solutions

NextGen Software Solutions

We take new software products within Bain from zero to scale. We discover, build, and support applications around the company’s most important intellectual property and serve as the company’s internal subject experts on our own software. If you enjoy learning, adapting, and contributing to a worldwide team, this is a great place to say hello.

Build where your beta testers are the world's most innovative brands

If you love to create, this team can be the fusion of everything you liked about past jobs. We work with smart people from a diversity of backgrounds on substantial challenges where we’re free to build cleverly and efficiently. There’s a great deal of variety and lots of learning.  Our designers define the customer journey and experience, our product managers set the vision, our engineers advise and build, and our success team members deploy and provide technical services. It’s human-centered, it’s lean, and often, we’re operating in a blue ocean where we can build anything. 

You’ll help build software, but we’ll look to you to also develop methodologies and domain-specific artifacts to continuously improve the team’s work. And whenever Bain’s case teams work with companies that use our software and need help maximizing their value from it, they’ll look to us—and you—for advice. 

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