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Employee Pulse Check

Capture the voice of your employee as a critical step in navigating Covid-19.

During this rapidly changing crisis, we are offering a free, simple tool for one element of our broader Net Promoter® for People (NPP) approach. Powered by Qualtrics, the Employee Pulse Check is a quick way to collect high-velocity employee feedback. Our COVID-19 edition of the Employee Pulse Check will help you better understand your employees' experience during this rapidly changing crisis and arm you with data to huddle with your team and take action. Use this free tool to understand your employees' experience during this unprecedented time.


What's included in this offering?

What's included in this offering?

  • Automated PDF reporting that showcases findings and trends
  • Guide to our huddle best practices

Why is this important?

Why is this important?

  • The overwhelming and sudden impact of COVID-19 on all employee populations has left many in a state of crisis and uncertainty
  • Your employees are distracted, work routines are severely disrupted, and productivity and engagement are undoubtedly suffering
  • Now, more than ever, companies need to reinforce their commitment to employees by showing empathy and providing a listening post to understand—and address—their concerns, with rapid, meaningful actions
  • When used in combination with our huddle best practices, this provides a powerful tool for your teams to problem-solve together
  • The Employee Pulse Check can be deployed within days building on Bain's feedback templates and standard reports
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