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Covid-19 Turbocharged Adoption of Online Grocery Shopping

Bain Partner Marc-André Kamel appeared on CNBC to discuss the rapid transformation of the grocery industry amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid-19 Turbocharged Adoption of Online Grocery Shopping

When the Covid-19 crisis began, grocery services struggled to keep up with record customer demand. Marc-André Kamel, who leads Bain's Global Retail practice, discusses how the pandemic accelerated the shift toward online grocery shopping and explains the long-term implications for this rapid change in customer behavior.

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The Next Five Years in Online Grocery: Going Mainstream, Fast

Amid the pandemic, adoption has accelerated by two to five years in the US and Western Europe, according to new Bain research.

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How to Ramp Up Online Grocery—without Breaking the Bank

Now that Covid-19 has accelerated demand for deliveries and pickups, grocers urgently need e-commerce to start paying its way.

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