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Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

Dry Powder: Live from SuperReturn

Christian Sinding, the CEO and managing partner of EQT Group, joins us for our first live recording. We’ll talk about when deal markets will finally stir to life and how EQT takes intelligent risks.


Dry Powder: Live from SuperReturn

Today on the show, we’re going to take you inside this year’s SuperReturn conference. On June 7, we held our first live recording of a Dry Powder episode in a private conference room in Berlin.

My guest for this special occasion was Christian Sinding, the CEO and managing partner of EQT. The interview kicked off with a question that’s on just about every investor’s mind these days: When will deal activity start again at scale? The ensuing conversation reveals how one of the industry’s leading investors is taking intelligent risks in a period of overwhelming uncertainty.

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