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Inside the 2024 Energy and Natural Resource Executive Pulse Survey

Bain experts unpack findings from our annual energy and natural resource executive survey.


Inside the 2024 Energy and Natural Resource Executive Pulse Survey

The energy transition looks slower as it becomes more difficult to ensure adequate investment returns and as progress diverges across a fragmenting world. Although energy and natural resource companies haven’t dampened ambitions for their transition-oriented growth businesses, customers’ willingness to pay and the ability to generate returns on investment in energy transition–oriented projects are growing issues. In this webinar recording, Bain’s Grant Dougans, Neelam Phadke, and Joe Scalise share key insights from our 2024 survey of over 600 executives in the oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, mining, and agribusiness industries.

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Reality Check: Energy and Natural Resource Executive Pulse 2024

Executives expect a slower energy transition as it gets more difficult to generate returns and progress diverges across regions.

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