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The Promise of Latino-Owned Businesses

Bain experts dive into the growing role of Latino-owned businesses, and how closing the funding gap can empower their full potential.


The Promise of Latino-Owned Businesses

With a $2.7 trillion economic output in 2019, Latino-owned businesses play a major role in expanding the economic output and labor force in the US. Despite a larger annual revenue growth than white-owned businesses, they remain overlooked and underfunded, limiting their ability to scale. In this webinar, Bain’s Tevia Segovia, Maureen Burns, and Alex Noether discuss what these businesses need, whom they need for financing partners, and what it will take to help them reach the next level.

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Closing the Capital Gap: Fueling the Promise of Latino-owned Businesses

Latino-Owned businesses in the US are some of the highest potential—and most overlooked—opportunities for investors.

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