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Pakiza Khalid

À propos de Pakiza

My name is Pakiza Khalid. 

I joined Bain about three years ago because I liked the rapid exposure Consultants get to different industries, practices and clients. I felt like the experience would help me grow both professionally and personally.  Since joining Bain, I've had the privilege to work with some of the biggest players in the market and when I step back after every engagement and see the impact I made, I'm in awe. 

At Bain, you learn on the job, we don't expect you to know everything before you join. The system is designed in a way that helps you develop. Every single person you work with is deeply invested in your career and professional growth. The numerous trainings we receive while we're at Bain are proof of how much the firm cares about our development.

The cultural diversity makes Bain, particularly Bain Middle East, a unique place to work at. The opportunity that you get to work with people from different nationalities and cultures is one of the best experiences.

If you are thinking about consulting, don't just do it for the lifestyle or the value it will add to your resume. As recruits go through the recruiting process, it's important that they evaluate if Bain is the right place for them and whether they would enjoy doing the work.