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Prasad Narasimhan

Associé, Boston

À propos de Prasad

Prasad Narasimhan is a partner and expert in Technology and the broader TMT sphere, as well as in Enterprise Technology and Private Equity. He holds more than 15 years of experience and is based in our Boston office.

In his role at Bain, Prasad works with companies across the technology value chain, including technology companies and private equity companies focused on technology assets. He also works with CIOs and management teams to drive technology-led transformations.

Prasad’s key focus areas include IT, Agile and Digital transformation, strategy and value creation plans for TMT companies, Private Equity due diligence and post-acquisition value creation. He is deeply versed in driving strategy and transformation plans for technology companies across a variety of sectors, including enterprise hardware, cloud and SaaS, as well as infrastructure software and services.

Prasad has also led numerous engagements at the intersection of technology and business across IT, Digital and Agile. His primary topics in this space include Agile at scale, cloud, automation and robotics, Zero-based Redesign (ZBR) and cost management, operating model design and both enterprise architecture and systems strategy.

Further, he has partnered extensively with private equity and financial investors on diligence and post-acquisition, focusing on TMT, healthcare IT and industrial technology. Within our private equity group, Prasad spearheads digital initiatives for TMT companies.

In addition to his client work, he co-leads Bain’s Americas Asians at Bain affinity group.

Prior to joining Bain in 2005, Prasad held roles in software development, consulting and product management at i2 Technologies, since acquired by JDA Software.

He holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, from which he graduated with distinction and was an Edward Tuck Scholar. He also holds a Master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Bain Partner Prasad Narasimhan discusses promising technologies with high potential to improve results.

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