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ESG in Private Equity

It’s time to shift the ESG paradigm from compliance to impact and value. We can help you embrace a holistic approach that spans the entire investing value chain, so you achieve superior returns and help create a more sustainable world. 

ESG in Private Equity

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are poised to shape the financial investor industry for years to come. There is growing evidence that when investors embed ESG considerations into their strategies, they achieve superior valuations and a host of positive outcomes. As employees, consumers, and communities raise their voices in support of ESG initiatives, companies that lead on these issues will achieve clear differentiation. 

Our integrated suite of capabilities is designed to help you boost performance across every step of the investing value chain, from strategy and fund-raising to deal generation and due diligence to portfolio management and, ultimately, exit. We’ll help you join the ranks of leading investors, those companies that are driving positive outcomes across the full spectrum of ESG considerations: decarbonization, waste reduction, sustainable sourcing, diversity and inclusion, and many more.

We bring deep experience in all of these issues, plus an unrivaled set of cutting-edge analytics, diagnostic and benchmarking capabilities, including our partnerships with Persefoni and EcoVadis. We’ll help you determine your unique priorities and opportunities and embed the appropriate ESG considerations into every relevant investment decision. The results: superior returns as well as benefits for internal and external stakeholders, their communities, and the planet.



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