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Bain’s 2024 Midyear Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

Deals and exits are flat, and fund-raising is down, but the real story is the tension beneath the numbers.


Bain’s 2024 Midyear Private Equity Report: Executive Summary

It’s an interesting time here at midyear to reflect upon what’s happened in the prior six months and what that portends for the next six—and, really, the next year in the private equity industry. Deal activity has been roughly flat, exits have also been flat, and fund-raising is down, which isn’t all that surprising. Beneath the numbers, however, some of the industry’s tensions actually seem to be increasing.

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People are beginning to realize that unexited investments may be unexited for much longer than anticipated. GPs are realizing that raising money, managing a lot of these active portfolio companies, and balancing everything they need to do while making LPs happy may be more challenging over the course of the next 6 to 12 months than anyone would like.

Today on Dry Powder, I’ll share the key insights from Bain’s 2024 midyear private equity report.

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