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From Analytics to Advanced Analytics: A Conversation with Hg’s Nic Humphries


From Analytics to Advanced Analytics: A Conversation with Hg’s Nic Humphries


On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Nic Humphries, senior partner and executive chairman of Hg, described his journey from generalist to tech sector specialist.

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On today’s episode, we’ll see how Hg applies its tech savvy in-house, as deal teams incorporate advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into just about every facet of their investment strategy.

“We think it’s absolutely at the heart of the next generation of [due diligence], of operation improvement in portfolio companies, of generating higher revenues, et cetera,” Nic told me. “And we’ve invested hugely in it.”

Investing in breakthrough technology is only half the story, though. Hg also has created a culture of early adoption that spans the organization.

“We try and kind of cascade adoption across the deal executives and the deal teams as fast as we possibly can and make people understand that this is a core part of their tool set.”


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