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Tech Due Diligence: From Here On Out

The field is evolving fast. Here’s how investors can stay ahead.


Tech Due Diligence: From Here On Out

Previously on Dry Powder, we explored the nuts and bolts of tech due diligence. (Listen to Part One and Part Two.) Today on the show, we’ll look up and consider how quickly the field has evolved and how investors can stay ahead.

Our guest is Robert Pierce, the former managing director of Tech Economy, a boutique consulting firm that Bain acquired about a year ago and that has worked with almost every one of our clients in Europe. In this episode, he shares insights from roughly a decade’s worth of experience at the intersection of private equity and tech.

“I observed with some colleagues approximately 10 years ago that public markets were increasingly less well equipped to finance technology and growth,” Robert says. “Private markets were filling the gap.” 


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