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The Value of Community for Black Leaders

Brittany Matthews, a partner in our Chicago office, knows the importance of supportive and collaborative spaces for Black communities in the workforce, especially for our Black leaders. Launching the Black Leaders Forum (BLF) in 2020, Brittany and Black executives from various industries come together throughout the year to provide that space with their colleagues and friends. In this episode, Brittany shares how her journey to Bain inspired the creation of BLF and why spaces like it are so important.


The Value of Community for Black Leaders

Initially believing med school was in her career path, a Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) brochure quickly shifted Brittany Matthew’s interest to science after she completed the program and enrolled at MIT to study material science and engineering. During her freshman year, a “free food” sign led her to an event for juniors and seniors who had recently completed internships in banking and consulting. Not knowing anything about these career paths, the food made her stay to learn more, but she left with two new career interests. 

Choosing to broaden her horizons after the event, Brittany googled top consulting firms, researched MIT alums who worked at those firms, and sent them cold emails. She got a response from Keith Bevans, who gave her guidance for pursuing a consulting career like applying to our Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL) program. After completing the program and a banking internship the same summer, Brittany knew that consulting was the best career path for her.  

Many of the undergraduate programs Brittany joined were for Black and Latinx students (including our BEL program), so the importance of community was something she knew from the beginning of her career. Now a partner in our Chicago office leading our Technology Enterprise practice, Brittany created the Black Leaders Forum, a space for Black executives in various industries to connect and support each other in their career journeys. Listen to Brittany’s full journey to Bain, and the importance of Black leaders coming together to converse about thriving and driving impact.  

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