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Encore: The Early Years of the Black Community at Bain

This episode is part of our Black History Month min-series. We've gathered some of our Blacks at Bain members and former Black alums to honor and shed light on the work of our people, what we've done, and are continually doing as a firm to be socially and racially equitable place to work, specifically for our Black community.


Encore: The Early Years of the Black Community at Bain

This episode has been re-released in celebration of this year's Black History Month

In this episode, Adrienne King, executive vice president of Bain’s Americas Talent Management, and Modupe Akinola, associate professor of management at Columbia Business School and former Bainie, talk about how they built a framework for us to recruit and retain our Blacks at Bain (BABs) community.  

Hear their journeys from how they got started at Bain to how they pioneered and implemented a pre-MBA program for Black recruits going to business school, known today as ExperienceBain Diversity, organized annual conferences for our Black community and developed our firm’s infrastructure to support underrepresented individuals. 

With BABs all over North America and different parts of the globe, Adrienne and Modupe’s early work set the foundation and we’re seeing the fruits of their labor within BABs and other affinity groups across the firm. To learn more about the work that we’re doing to create a company that is diverse, inclusive and equitable, visit our diversity, equity and inclusion page

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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