Dokyun Kim


Go-to-market thought leader with functional emphases on digital transformation and strategy formulation.

Profilo di Dokyun



  • Focus on automotive and auto parts in Korea
  • >Two decades of advisory experience

Dokyun Kim is a leader of Bain’s Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice.

He has served diverse Korean clients and multinational companies in automotive, aviation, steel and heavy manufacturing industries. He also has expertise in telecommunications, media and technology sectors with topics of 5G, OTT and cloud.

His main functional focus is performance improvements including cost savings, transformation, and turnaround, with which he helps Korean leading conglomerates achieve their profitability. He also has vast experiences on strategy formulation ranging from traditional corporate strategy to digital and innovation strategy.

"The appeal of consulting lies in watching our clients achieve sustainable growth by leveraging our advice."

Dokyun Kim

Dokyun is a graduate of Yonsei University with a bachelor's degree in Economics. He also earned his MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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