Nicolas Bourret


New York

Profilo di Nicolas

Nicolas Bourret’s career spans nearly 20 years in the management consulting profession with Bain & Company in Paris, Dubai, Sydney, London, Johannesburg, Toronto and New York in increasingly impactful and diverse client-facing roles.

He has been a senior member of the firm’s Full Potential Transformation and Private Equity practices in North America since 2013.

In addition to the strategic and analytical skills developed though his work with financial investors, he has deep experience dealing with operational issues, driving execution, motivating people and creating high-performing teams to deliver on the vision for the business. He is a firm believer in results-based compensation schemes to align Bain’s incentives with client objectives.

Over the past decade in New York and Toronto, he has focused on the advanced manufacturing, energy and telecom infrastructure, distribution, and business services sectors for corporate and private equity clients. 

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