Jin Kyung

Share your journey to Bain.

I earned my industrial design degree from an engineering-based school in Korea and then pursued a master’s degree in marketing specializing in the consumer behavior field. In industrial design I studied mostly the qualitative methodologies for understanding consumers; in master’s I studied how to better understand the quantitative side of consumer study. I looked at various types of panel data and experimented with data analytics tools to find meaningful insights with how consumers think and behave.

After spending time working as an analytics consultant for another consulting firm, I joined Bain as a senior data scientist in the Seoul office. I was fortunate to have some people around me who offered advice on specializing my expertise in advanced analytics within the consulting industry. It’s been amazing since I’ve joined the firm.

Do you feel like you can do impactful work at Bain? What opportunities excite you?

Client expectations for advanced analytics continue to evolve rapidly. As they become increasingly knowledgeable, clients expect more sophisticated analytical results from consulting services. At Bain, I am regularly exposed to new, advanced analytical demands from clients and have the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art projects and sharpen my skills in advanced analytics. The work I engage in is highly relevant to the clients' challenges and requirements and is essential for optimizing their businesses.

I am enthusiastic about the global opportunities that Bain provides. The company fosters international collaboration, allowing me to work with clients from various countries and gain insights into the diverse needs and contexts surrounding analytics. My first assignment at Bain is centered in Australia, and I am eager to collaborate on this project with colleagues from around the world. This experience is valuable in expanding my understanding of advanced analytics across different industries and regions. 

“Build Your Own Bain” means creating a thriving career on your own terms. How have you been able to “Build Your Own Bain?”

Since joining Bain, I have come to appreciate the significance of personal and professional growth both inside and outside of work. Within work, I have been immersed in a unique working environment, encompassing local and global offices that are accessible both online and offline. This has enabled me to interact with a diverse range of Bain colleagues internationally and locally, leading to invaluable insights into consulting services and the exciting work we can do with advanced analytics on a global scale. In addition to expanding my knowledge in analytics, I have also had exposure to growth opportunities that help me develop as a consultant, focusing on areas such as communication, case management, and thought leadership. I must also mention that I have been fortunate to benefit from the high-quality trainings that Bain provides alongside work. These educational opportunities have further enriched my professional development and allowed me to continuously expand my skillset and expertise to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Externally, Bain encourages a healthy work-life balance and promotes open discussions with case team members about their personal well-being. I have come to recognize the vital importance of thriving both inside and outside work, as it acts as a catalyst for sustained career growth and overall satisfaction.