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Inside the Modern Investor Relations Team

We asked two of Bain’s leading experts on commercial excellence to take us to the cutting edge of investor relations.


Inside the Modern Investor Relations Team

For the better part of a year now, our guests on Dry Powder have been talking about the brutally competitive fund-raising environment, but today on the show, we’re getting down to brass tacks with two of Bain’s leading experts on commercial excellence.

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Greg Callahan, a member of Bain’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, estimates that private equity is currently about “10 years behind” the best-in-class sales teams in other sectors of the economy, but the race to modernize the investor relations function has already begun.

“Those that are investing in the IR function and spending the time to modernize their team are typically outpacing peers by two or three times in AUM,” Greg says.

His colleague Mónica Oliver emphasizes that a clear account plan can give private equity firms a competitive edge on the fund-raising trail.

“We found that especially in moments of great disruption in an account, where there might be a trigger to purchase or a trigger to change strategy, you having that structure in place and a clear plan to rally the team is super important,” she says.

Today on Dry Powder, I ask Greg and Mónica what it takes to build a cutting-edge IR function from scratch.


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